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By using this Service, you confirm that you have read all Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimers.


No audio and video recordings are allowed of sessions with Avana.  All sessions with Avana are confidential and all rights are reserved.


The session you have booked is a single person one-on-one session with Avana.  If there are multiple people, this is defined as a Group Session.


For Group Sessions, you will be charged for each additional person at a multiple of the rate you have paid.  Please notify Avana if this is a Group Session so the appropriate invoice can be generated for payment in advance.


Avana will not accept, review, or respond to any background information you provide in advance related to any upcoming session due to strict confidentiality reasons.


Please do not send background information to Avana related to upcoming sessions in advance of your session.


No readings will be done for anyone under 18 years of age.


No readings will be done for third parties.  


Avana will not complete yes or no questions, or definitively predict the future.  This service is FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and should not be used in place of professional advice.  If your question relates to legal, medical, or financial advice, please consult a licensed professional.


If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact Avana directly via email at:



Responsibilities of a Spiritual Guide


  • I will open the records of another person only when directly asked to do so by that person.


  • I will not offer to open the Akashic Records for anyone.


  • I will not disclose the content of an Akashic Record reading to a third-party without permission.


These three agreements uphold the integrity of the process of accessing the Akashic Records, providing a structure of surprising depth and powerful opportunity.  They also define what I can and cannot do as a spiritual guide in the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records are not about predictive answers and absolute truth.


Instead, the Akashic Records are about YOU, your intention, and what you want in your life


A reading of the Records is provided as a way to help you find your truth and make your own choices.


In transmitting the energy of your Akashic Record to you, it is absolutely not my place to insert my opinions and judgments.  It is only my place to be as clear as possible so that you can hear options and make your choices yourself.


If I offer to open your records, I am depriving you of the opportunity of choice and the power of self-responsibility.


The only way that I can ever know of your choice is to let you ask me.


And opening the records only when asked directly keeps me in integrity with myself and with the Akashic Records.  It is only through integrity and clear intention that access to the Akashic Records is possible.


When you ask me to open your Akashic Records for you, what comes forward is for you and you alone.


What you decide to do with the content is your business, not mine.


The fact that you even had a reading with me is for you to disclose, not me.  Because of this, I take confidentiality seriously and often more extremely than other practitioners. 


In fact, these three commitments shape my entire experience working in their Akashic Records.  They mold my every interaction with every each and every perspective or current client.


In addition, I do not issue gift certificates as they tend to interfere with my commitment to the records.


The Akashic Records exist on the energy continuum of potential and form.  The realm of potential is of the divine, of the highest, clearest resonance, and is the origin of your soul.


When I maintain my agreements with the Akashic Records, I ensure that my access into the records is in the realm of potential where the infinite possibilities of the universe are available to both you and me.


I put myself forward as a spiritual guide for two primary reasons:


  • First, by the word spiritual, I acknowledge that I am working on a spiritual level with myself and others 


  • As a guide, I serve as both signpost and witness to your process.


I am neither a director nor a counselor.


I don’t think of myself as a healer because healing is not something I do to you.


Healing is a dynamic process you choose for yourself when you know you are ready.


I provide the knowing, the safe and sacred space, and the attention you need to feel comfortable engaging in your process however it feels best to you.


Practically, this means that engaging with me is probably not what you might expect.


One of the biggest differences is that I respond when asked and not before.


And when asked, I respond in the moment of the asking.


That means that I respond to each person in each situation individually as called in the moment and not necessarily as I have responded to other people and other situations.


Yet, this doesn’t mean that I should be vague; my job is to be as clear as possible.


So if I am not clear, please ask.


If something hasn’t been explained that you want to know about, please let me know


If it’s not mentioned somewhere, then either I have a good reason for not mentioning it or I have never been asked.


Whatever the case, open the dialogue and give me the opportunity to respond, to witness your process of finding clarity.


All I ask is you be open to considering your assumptions and join me in this dance, this amazing, exciting journey into the infinite potential of our lives.



Client Information

This Client Information and Terms of Service apply to all interactions with Avana.  Any questions may be addressed to Avana via her email address at I also highly recommend that you read my Responsibilities of a Spiritual Guide.


Terms of Service


  • Commitments for All Services

  • Refund Policy and Financial Agreements

  • Appointments, Responsibilities, Agreements and Expectations


Welcome! I am a Spiritual Guide working with the Akashic Records.  To make the most of our time together, I want you to know the following about my work:


The Akashic Records are the energetic Record of your soul’s journey through the space and time of the Universe.  In a Reading, I connect with the origin point of your soul using a conscious process in which I remain fully present.  The Reading proceeds from your questions and the issues you raise.  I will convey all the information and energy that I receive on your behalf to you, holding nothing back. I only open your Akashic Record with your permission and only when you ask.  The intent of the Akashic Records is to always respond in accord with and in support of your highest expression.


An Akashic Record Reading responds to the depth of your intent even if you do not verbally express it.  Your willingness to be open and accept responsibility for your life allows the Reading to respond at the deepest levels possible.


An a Akashic Record Reading may be offered at your request either in a private, one-on-one setting or within a workshop or event.  I do not offer a reading except when asked.


Of extreme importance to me is clarity about the terms under which I offer all my services.  The following covers everything that I can think of or have encountered and will govern taking care of anything which is not directly described below.  If you ever have questions or need clarity, please contact me.


Commitments for All Services and Workshops


The following applies to all clients who engage in any one-on-one services work or events or any exchange with Avana.


1.  Use Your Common Sense


In our work together, whether in a Akashic Record reading or other exchange, the most important thing for you to do is use your common sense.  This is not about me telling you what to do in your life.  You receive, from the deep knowing of your soul, the information and energy you need to make your own life decisions based on what you know to be true about yourself.  If something doesn’t make sense, please ask for clarification.  If it still doesn’t make sense or it seems like something you don’t agree with, know that it may make sense in the future or it is possible that the lack of clarity may be exactly what you need to help you find your best path.


2.  Our Work Together is Spiritual


I am neither a licensed counselor nor physician nor a financial advisor nor an attorney. I provide my services in support of your spiritual development.  Nothing said in a reading or other service should be taken as a reason or excuse to avoid appropriate medical, financial, legal, or psychological treatment.  Because I see exchange and experience with the Akashic Records as spiritual in nature, all services I offer are done as a supplement or in addition to whatever treatment or other study you’re currently receiving or may seek in the future.


3. Commitment to Confidentiality


I will not disclose the content of your reading to anyone (unless required by law). I will also not even admit to a third-party that you have had an appointment with me or participate in one of my workshops or other services.  If you disclose the content of your reading or learning to a third-party, you are responsible for any effects this disclosure may have.  I am not responsible for your disclosure.


Refund Policy & Financial Agreements


For Readings and all one-on-one work, there are no refunds including for late starts, no-shows, appointments with unused time, or once a session has been received by the client.  For cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, there are no refunds.




Responsibilities, Agreements & Expectations


When you schedule and pay for an appointment with me, I agree to hold a scheduled time just for you.  You agree to show up on time as fully present as possible and in an environment free of interruptions.  You also agree to read and understand all the Client Information and Terms of Service I provide on my website prior to your appointment and pay for your scheduled appointment as requested.


When I schedule an appointment with you, I am agreeing to be on time, fully present and provide a space that is conducive to the work we agreed to do together.  I will contact you as you request.


Appointments may be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance.  Payment is due upon booking.


You are also responsible for providing correct contact information, including email address and phone number to connect for your session.  We will use  If I am unable to contact you because of faulty information, you bear the responsibility for the appointment as a no-show or missed appointment as described below.


To Schedule an Appointment


On my website, there is an appointment link which takes you to my online appointment calendar.  After you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.  In this email is the date and time of your appointment; information about how to prepare for your reading; links for canceling or rescheduling; and a link to connect via for your appointment.  Please keep this email for your records.  Payment is made at the time of scheduling your appointment.




My current rates are listed on my website.  Each reading I offer is for a one person reading in English.  




Payment is made at the time of scheduling your appointment. I accept most major credit cards and PayPal.


Appointment Length


Appointment length is listed on my website and coincides with the reading you have requested.


Rescheduling Appointments


To reschedule your appointment, please either use the link provided in the confirmation email or send email to me.  Rescheduling requests are accepted up to 48 hours before your appointment time.




If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as you know and at least 48 hours in advance by either email or by using the link in the email you received when you scheduled.  There are no refunds for appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice.


Late Starts


If you know you will be more than five minutes late to your appointment, please let me know as soon as you can.  Please remember a late start shortens the time we have together but does not relieve you of the responsibility for full payment of the time you have scheduled.  Also know that if I cannot connect with you, I will try again in five minutes.  Unable to connect a second time the appointment is considered missed as a no-show (see below).


No-Shows and Missed Appointments


For any appointments, I will wait up to 10 minutes for you to connect.  If you do not connect within 10 minutes, the appointment is considered missed as a no-show.  There are no refunds for no-shows or missed appointments.


Finally, you agree that if anything is not clear in this agreement or if there is a situation that arises that does not seem to be covered by these agreements, you will communicate with me your awareness and work with me to resolve the issue or concern.

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